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Your Stevedoring Partner in the Port of Ghent

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Ghent Transport & Storage
Henri Farmanstraat
B-9000 Gent

Tel:     + 32 (0)9 251 64 64
Fax:     + 32 (0)9 251 10 52
Website: www.gtsghent.be

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GTS - Kluizendok Terminal

Operational since august 2005

Quay length:   over 500 metres 
Indoor storage:    4 warehouse units of 2.000m²,
    10.000 MT each
    4 warehouse units of 3.000m²,
    15.000 MT each
    4 warehouse units of 3.600m²,
    18.000 MT each
    total indoor storage capacity
up to 175.000 metric tons
Outdoor storage:   10.000 m², a capacity up to
    50.000 metric tons
Handling rates:   Up to 20.000 cbm/day
Max. draft:   12,50 metres, giving access to vessels up to 80.000 DWT (Panamax-size)
The Kluizendok Terminal  is dedicated to the handling of:
  Grain Derivatives
GTS is experienced in the handling of goods that require the highest care, such as rice, corn and wheat destined for human consumption.


Ghent Transport & Storage terminals are fully-equipped with modern loading and unloading equipment.



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expansion possibilities

At the Kluizendok GTS has further expansion possibilities for storage or production facilities requiring deep water access.

The planned construction of a new sea lock in Terneuzen, will allow even larger vessels to access the Port of Ghent.


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Ghent Transport & Storage
Henri Farmanstraat
B-9000 Gent

Tel:+32 (0)9 251 64 64
Fax:+32 (0)9 251 10 52